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Executor Responsibilities

An executor, or personal representative, is named in a will, or appointed by the court, and is responsible for ensuring that the deceased's wishes are carried out in a legal and orderly manner by administering their estate. The duties and responsibilities of Indiana executors can vary based on the specific terms outlined in the will and the nature of the assets involved. This page gives you an outline of your duties and responsibilities while serving as executor – this is very basic and additional information may be necessary for your complete understanding of your duties as executor. 

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Executor duties in a nutshell:

Administration of Estate:

  • If necessary, file a petition for probate and proceed with probate administration, adhering to all legal requirements and timelines.

  • Locate all assets, determine their values, and prepare an inventory and appraisal.

  • Provide documentation to all relevant financial institutions, banks, brokers, etc., indicating that you, as executor, now have the authority over the estate.

  • Keep estate property separate from all other property.


Provide Documentation to Heirs and Beneficiaries:

  • Upon reasonable request, provide heirs and beneficiaries with a copy of the asset inventory, and particulars relating to administration.


Distributing Estate Assets:

  • Distribute assets to heirs and beneficiaries according to the terms of the will. This may involve transferring ownership of assets.


Accounting and Taxation:

  • Obtain taxpayer-identification numbers for any testamentary trusts created under the will.

  • Pay all valid expenses, creditors, and fees.

  • Prepare accounting of the estate.

  • Prepare and file all necessary tax returns, even if no tax is due.

The duties and responsibilities set forth above are not complete and are only intended to provide you with guidance in fulfilling your duties and responsibilities. If you have any questions regarding your duties and responsibilities as executor, please Williams Law Office, PC to help you.

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